Maximize Your Revenue!

Cruises have something for everyone and Affiliate Cruise is no different. Whether you prefer a straight revenue share, CPA, Advanced or Media Commission Plan, our system is set up to fully support whatever commission structure suits you best. We want your voyage with us to be comfortable.



Our best offer by far is our Revenue Share Commission Structure. This simple, default plan pays commissions based on Net Revenues, which we believe is the fairest “arm’s length” Commission Structure available to Affiliates. 

There are six levels to our Revenue Share Commission Structure, making it easier for Affiliates to earn higher commissions for small increases in Net Revenues generated by the players they refer.

Total Revenue Commission
0-2,500 25%
2,501 - 5,000 28%
5,001 - 7,500 30%
7,501 - 12,500 32%
12,501 - 15,000 35%
15,001 - 40%

Net Revenues are calculated as: Gross Revenues less Bonuses and Progressive Contributions, Processing and Licensing and Royalty Fees, Gaming Taxes and Chargebacks.


Affiliate Cruise offers both flexible and advanced CPA Commission Structures to ensure we accommodate CPA Affiliates according to their unique business model for sending Qualified New Players. We can fully customize your CPA Commission Structure, taking into account a range of activities of each New Player you send us, including each Qualified New Player’s geographic market segmentation. If you are a CPA Affiliate, please indicate this upon registration and we will contact you to set up your tailored plan and complete integration.


Regardless of the Commission Structure in place, all Affiliates have the option to earn a lifetime 2.5% Referral Commission on all New Affiliates referred to us. The Referral Commission is calculated as a percentage of the Net Revenues generated by the New Affiliates referred by all Master Affiliates.


Affiliate Cruise offers full and seamless integration for both Media Agencies and Publisher Networks, including multiple user permissions per account and advanced Media and Publisher Network integration and reporting. If you represent a Media Agency or Publisher Network, please indicate this upon registration and we will contact you to set up your tailored plan and complete integration.

Join us and set sail with Affiliate Cruise and!